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The Story of 

King's Park... 

Since the hand over of sovereignty in 1997 to the HKSAR by the British Government, the playing fields at King's Park, once part of the British army Garrison estate, have been run by Government Proerty Agency (GPA). Their funding for up-keep and general maintenance to the ground and attendant facilities has been minimal.


In 1998 a King's Park users group was formed with the approval of GPA in order to assist in the mainteance of the ground. Investing considerable voluntary time and funds from non-government sources, they have had some success but are limited in what can be done as the ground remains under control of the GPA.


After 4 years of discussion with numbers of governement departments and community, the 3 sports field which was once assumed that it would be turned into a housing projects, King's Park Sports Association (KPSA) with Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) being the representative had entered  a tenancy agreement with HKSAR in 2002. Since then HKRU have invest over $100 million in upgrading King's Park. 


Today, not only Hong Kong rugby but the whole community are enjoying the spectacular sport venue.  

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