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King's Park Sports Association


With the allocation of the King's Park site to the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) in September 2002, the King's Park Sports Association (KPSA) was formed to advise on the management of the sports grounds and ancillary facilities.


Initially the grounds were primarily used for regular rugby, football and softball training and competitions organised by member clubs and associations on the existing grass pitches. However in 2003, the HKRU funded close to $18 million and supervised a major refurbishment of the grounds, including the installation of floodlight, upgrading of  changing facilites and converting of natrual grass fields into high-quality all-weather artificial pitches, which allowed King's Park to accommodate a far wider range of uses by other associations, as well as by schools, charitable organisations and members of the general public.


In the past 13 years, KPSA continues to provide input in management and the HKRU have sepnt over $100 million in improving and upkeeping the grounds. Having said that, King's Park has never been intended for use solely by KPSA member  clubs, and booking fees have been mainteaned at a level comparable to those charged for public pitches. King's Park is always a community ground and welcomes everyone. 

Member Clubs

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