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Key scope of maintenance works required for long pile (3G) artificial turf pitch

Jan 2017


Over the past 10 years an increasing number of artificial turf pitches have been installed in Hong Kong – they are an excellent option given our climate and high usage demands, and also provide a high return on investment.  However, although looking after artificial pitches is far easier than trying to maintain a natural turf surface, it is important to remember that 3G pitches are NOT “maintenance free” – it is in fact essential to regularly carry out a proper quality maintenance schedule by skilled individuals with the right equipment in order to provide a top quality safe and hygienic surface for all players to enjoy.


The Hong Kong Rugby Union has been installing and utilising artificial turf pitch since 2003, and we have learnt that good maintenance practice will allow you to maximise the pitch’s life expectancy with its designed performance standards as measured by World Rugby and FIFA certification, while poor practice leads to rapid deterioration and potentially dangerous and unpleasant surface to play on.

Here are some simple tips for long pile artificial turf pitches –this is not a comprehensive list, and pitch owners should always seek guidance from the respective artificial turf supplier to formulate their own maintenance programme which suits their individual needs. The HKRU highly recommends that these tips and guidelines are introduced in all cases where artificial pitches are used.

Catering Tender

Feb 2016


The venue management plans to grant a permit to provide catering services at the King’s Park Sports Ground for a fixed term of 24 months with the intended commencement of operations on 1st May 2016.


The deadline of tender submission is 26th February 2016. 


Tender doucments and further particulars can be downloaded here. 

KPSA Charitable Fund

November 2015


KPSA is looking to form partnerships with local community charities to give children the chance to learn and play sports in order to offer opportunities for physical exercise, and to help children develop social and communication skills, team work and the use of English as a second or third language.


Application for 2016 commences on 1st November 2015 and closes on 15th December 2015. Eligible charity organisations are welcome to apply.


Please click here for further details. 

KPSA Charity Fun Days

October 2015


During the summer of 2015, King’s Park Sports Association (KPSA) organised two charity fun days on 8th August and 5th September. In connection with Changing Young Lives Foundation, The HUB Hong Kong and Po Leung Kuk, over 60 underprivileged children enjoyed several sport activities which were conducted by the volunteer coaches from KPSA member clubs (more photos).


It is the second year KPSA hosts sporting fun day with charity organisations. Kids were divided into groups to try out rugby, football, softball and cricket. The fun day was finished with a buffet and souvenirs presentation in the clubhouse. KPSA covered all the associated cost.


KPSA continues to actively reach out to the community and looks into organise more charity events in future.



Pitch Surface Replacement work at 2014 summer

July 2015


It is delighted to announce all 3 pitches at King's Park was replaced over the summer of 2014! The latest 3rd generation all-weather artificial pitches are both World Rugby and FIFA accredited.


The surface is designed for multi-sports with standard rugby and soccer line marking. Booking from schools, organisation and general public are welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.

Welcome All!

July 2015


A brand new King's Park Sports Ground web page is launched! The new web page will be regularly updated with pitch availability. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any pitch booking!

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